During my internship, I worked for an advertising agency. They have many clients and the problem was that they have campaigns among multiple providers but a single budget. They needed a platform that allow them, not only to manage their clients but also manage their budgets and campaigns as well.



So we develop a platform that connects to the advertisement providers APIs and distributes the budgets according to the clients needs and solicited providers. It also lets the clients check their balance and download their invoices. We also develop other modules not directly related to advertising, but with the company’s other projects, like web pages, desktop applications and mobile apps developments.

The project got an award in my university’s “Technology Innovation” contest. In general, the company and teachers were really happy with my performance and I was hired by the company after my one year internship.


  • PHP
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript

  • Yii

  • MySQL
  • Apache

  • Web Development
  • Web Services