DevOps, System, Web

When I joined Menta I was fairly new to Python and knew nothing about DevOps and my first task there was to put the infrastructure of their two projects as code with Ansible. They have tried with Puppet and Chef but they don’t fit their needs. So they were managing their infrastructure with fabric.

So, in a period of 1 month, I finished the infrastructure for their local, staging and production environments. It wasn’t perfect, but it was better than their fabric script. The only reason I was able to finish in that time frame was because there was already a draft of the ansible’s playbooks that helped me get started. After finishing that task successfully, I was in charge of maintain and improve that code permanently, In other words, I was in charge of their infrastructure and I was really happy for it. Some improvements I did was change their monolithic architecture for a distributed one, a custom New Relic plugin for their application, among some other things.

I also maintained their Django web app and made a lot of scrapers (100+) and a scraper scheduler daemon with Python and the Scrapy API.

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  • Python
  • Ruby
  • Bash
  • HTML
  • JavaScript

  • Django
  • Nose
  • Scrapy
  • Vagrant
  • VirtualBox
  • Ansible

  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • Memcached
  • Nginx
  • New Relic

  • DevOps
  • System Administration
  • Web Development
  • Web Scraping
  • System Development
  • RESTful Web Services